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Pest Animals - Introduction
Domestic cats & dogs

A Resource to Enable Accurate Identification and Effective Control of Pest Animals in the Molonglo Catchment


An overview of relevant legislation in NSW

Fact Sheets:

Goats ( 331KB)

Foxes ( 333KB)

Deer ( 346KB)

Pigs ( 368KB)

Rabbits ( 370KB)

Domestic Dogs and Cats ( 315KB)


Goats ( 612KB)

Foxes ( 614KB)

Deer ( 718KB)

Pigs ( 692KB)

Rabbits ( 786KB)

Domestic Dogs and Cats ( 847KB)


Rabbit Madagascar

1 rabbit, cut into pieces
2 tablespoons oil
2 onions, sliced
3 tablespoons curry powder
1 X 425g can tomatoes
2 tablespoons peanut butter

Heat oil in pan then brown rabbit in batches. Remove rabbit. Add onion, fry gently until soft. Add curry powder and cook, stirring for 1 minute.  Return rabbit to pan with remaining ingredients, cover and simmer 45 minutes or until rabbit is cooked.

Serve with rice and fresh mixed salad.

Preparation time 15 minute
Serves 4

Recipe from Snowy Mountains Gourmet Food, Bredbo
Pest Animal Control Contractors

As a service to the community, we will place contact details of contractors willing to undertake pest animal control.  The placement of those contact details should not be interpreted as endorsement by the Molonglo Catchment Group of those contractors nor of those activities. We suggest always checking contractor credentials.

EnviroAg offer an integrated pest management, seeking to reduce the causes of pest infestation, not just the symptoms, using a range of methods.  Contact Robert Brereton Ph: 6238 0261 Mob: R Brereton 0422 693 499 or  Matt Phelps 0428 644 626  or email

Capital Field Archery Association are offering to undertake some feral animal control work with bows, dogs (and guns if necessary). All hunters are licensed, insured and with id, and shooters have successfully completed a Bowhunters Proficiency Course (through the Australian Bowhunters Association), no entry onto property without permission.  Contact Charlie Azzopardi - 0417 663 481.

Steve Pourniotis (Mobile 0407 744 563 Email: Seasoned hunter with 20yrs experience, I have grown up hunting and it is a passion of mine, myself and colleague are both R Licensed, insured with the Sporting Shooters of Australia, Members of Deer Associations and Hunting clubs, we have many years deer hunting experience including undertaking numerous Deer Hunting courses both in meat management and hunting.

Johan Ras (Mobile: 0407 460 129 Tel: 02 4934 1751 Email: has $20M indemnity insurance and is fully licensed (R-License Game Council NSW).  He can do either firearm shooting (preferred)/or bow-hunting.  Normally a team of two well-experienced shooters but  could access a further 4 shooters if required.

Aaron Stahl (Mobile 0411 222 855 Work 0428 612 979 Email: has experience with helping property owners with deer, pig, goat and fox management in the Goulburn region.  He is fully licensed through Game Council NSW with R-licence and carries  $20million public and product liability insurance.

Robert Wieland (Mobile 0421 372 164 Email: Over 16 years hunting experience willing to help property owners (no cost) with pest management. Rabbits, deer, pigs, goats, foxes etc. in the districts surrounding Canberra. Located in the south of Canberra but happy to travel. He is fully licensed through both the SSAA and Game Council NSW with R-licence and carries $20 million public liability insurance provided by both organisations.

Jayden Butcher (Mobile 0434 084 331 Email:  Experience hunting all species of pest and introduced animals with no native animals targeted.   Control or management of pest species at no cost to landowners with all game meat or products utilized either for either  personal or use by landowner if preferred. Work in a team of 2 NSW DPI R licence accredited Bowhunters with current and up to date Australian Deer Association memberships and hold $20 million public liability insurance as provided by both organisations.  No hunting without Landholders express permission.


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