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In April this year, a platypus and two native water rats were found drowned in yabby traps in separate incidents in Lake Burley Griffin. The story was covered on both local radio and the ABC News, and included an interview with Daniel Iglesias, director of ACT Parks and Conservation, who described these traps as killing machines for aquatic mammals.

Australian Platypus Conservancy (APC), our peak platypus group, have just issued a call for a total ban on enclosed yabby traps, following extensive research into making the traps safer for platypus, water rats and turtles.

"[The] number of platypus mortalities in yabby traps continues to rise. Illegal deployment of traps remains widespread with eleven platypus found dead in Victoria alone since May 2017 – a shocking toll given that the vast majority of such incidents will never be reported. Fisheries and wildlife management agencies also continue to show little interest in discussing a national solution based on replacing conventional enclosed traps with safer modified designs.

Community concern with this issue has been steadily gaining momentum. A call for a total ban on enclosed yabby traps has been made recently by the Recreational Fishing Association of NSW. The equivalent peak recreation angling body in Victoria (VRFish) has also expressed its support for such a ban.”

The APC therefore believes that the time has come to prohibit use of enclosed yabby traps in private and public freshwater habitats across Australia.

The following documents address some of the main myths about yabby traps and bycatch mortalities:

Resolving the Problem of Platypus Deaths in Enclosed Yabby Traps

Myths About Platypus Deaths in Yabby Traps – The Facts

If you would like to support the APC’s call for a total ban, please consider making your views known to the relevant Ministers:

Minister for Environment Mick Gentleman
Minister for Primary Industries (Fisheries) Niall Blair  
Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton  
Assistant Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources (Fisheries) Anne Ruston
Minister for Environment Josh Frydenberg


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