National Landcare Programme

National Landcare ProgrammeMolonglo Catchment Group receives generous funding support from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme—Regional Investment Strategy. The fundng supports us in capacity building activities in our region:

  • in collaboration with community, landcare and farming system groups, lead regional NRM planning and prioritisation of NRM activities to support environmental protection and sustainable agricultural practices
  • deliver nationally important outcomes that assist Australia to meet its national and international obligations
  • broker partnerships, collaborate with networks and support local stakeholders in delivery of regional NRM activities
  • build local community and industry engagement, skills and capacity in NRM and sustainable agriculture
  • support Indigenous participation in delivering NRM outcomes
  • report NRM outcomes at a regional level and contribute to programme reporting at the national level

ACT NRM is the regional NRM organisation that administers Landcare funding for Molonglo Catchment Group. ACT NRM is located within the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate of the ACT Government.


WaterwatchACT GovernmentWaterwatch is part of a community water quality monitoring program that brings people together from all parts of the community to raise awareness, educate, monitor, restore and protect our precious waterways. Waterwatch involves local community, catchment groups, Landcare, as well as residents, schools, utilities and landowners to regularly monitor the water quality of local creeks, wetlands, lake, rivers and stormwater drains.

The ACT Healthy Waterways Project funds Waterwatch coordination and activities undertaken by Molonglo Catchment Group.

Across the Upper Murrumbidgee River Catchment, over 200 Waterwatch volunteers monitor water quality every month at 243 sites, covering a total area of more than 11,400 square kilometres. The data they collect provides an early warning system for aquatic ecosystem health issues and is published in the annual Catchment Health Indicator Program (CHIP) report.

NSW Environmental Trust

NSW Environmental TrustThe NSW Environmental Trust is an independent statutory body established by the NSW government to fund a broad range of organisations to undertake projects that enhance the environment of NSW. The Trust is administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). OEH delivers integrated and customer focused services at the regional and local level to strengthen communities and partnerships across NSW. This includes services, programs and grants to support land use planning, threatened species, native vegetation, education, community engagement, energy efficiency, volunteering, environmental water management, coast and flood protection, compliance and enforcement, adapting to a changing climate and private land conservation.

ACT Government Environment and Heritage Programs

ACT GovernmentThe Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate of the ACT Government administers programs and grants in the areas of natural resource management, landcare, heritage, and water resources.

The Directorate has been developing an NRM Investment Plan in partnership with the community to determine current and future investment priorities for the ACT and Region. You can view the draft Investment Plan here.